Matrix Gym Bjj gold coast decided to do a google search on Bjj gi fabrics. Heres what we found. There’s a huge amount of different Bjj Gi’s available in the market from the top name Gi’s such as Atama, Tatami, Bull Terrier, Gameness & Koral to name a few. Here is a explanation on the different fabric types available. Hopefully this helps a lot of first time buyers. A Gi will come down to a personal choice in cut and feel. You can get your Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ) Gi in one of 4 different weaves, single weave, double weave, pearl weave and gold weave.

Of the three, the single weave is probably the most common. Its lighter in weight than the other two which some say allows them to move more freely. The double weave BJJ gi is much thicker. There are pros and cons to this thicker weave. On the plus side, most agree that the thicker fabric is more difficult to grab, but on the other hand, it could potentially slow you down a bit. Although, I’ve seen the pros in competitions, it doesn’t seem to slow them down much! In between these two weaves stands the gold weave which is a happy middle weave of the two.

BJJ Gi Fabric Carioca Weave Fabric

Carioca Weave

Just imagine a double weave but with less material and a slightly tighter pattern. That pretty much sums up Carioca weave

Upon further inspection I found that the fabric chosen for this Gi is one of the densest and toughest I’ve touched, while at the same time is soft and comfortable.

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