Kickboxing gold coast Fighter, King Kurt Staiti left to live in Thailand on Monday 30th March 2015. For the next few years, Kurt will follow his Muay Thai dream of becoming World Champion and fighting on the biggest Muay Thai shows on the planet.

Since Kurt was 7 years old he has been fighting in Muay Thai and Kickboxing gold coast events. At 12 years of age Kurt & i went to Thailand to give him the experience and to truly see if he wanted to continue on a fighters path as its not an easy road to be successful. Kurt had one Muay Thai fight with elbows winning convincingly by knocking his opponent down with a lighting fast elbow strike to the cheek. He has had 30 fights now with 28 wins and only 2 losses to his record picking up multiple titles along the way namely WMC & WBC titles.

Kurt will be back in October to fight the best in Australia at the 61kg to 63.5kg division on some of the biggest Muay Thai promotions in Oz. Soon after he’ll be back in Thailand to continue his path to his dream. Having big plans in the future and with his home gym as support there will be every effort made to help him achieve his goals.

Matrix Gym wishes Kurt all the best in his future Muay Thai career.

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