Muay Thai gold coast fighter Kurt Staiti and his trainer Peter Kent from Matrix Muay Thai gold coast gym went to Melbourne to fight on one of the biggest promotions in Australia Rebellion Muay Thai in March 2016. Kurt was matched with Roy wills from the Thaiboxing Pit WA who was rated as the number one 63.5kg in Australia. This fight was matched in November last year in 2015 but Kurt was given an opportunity to fight  in Thailand on the huge promotion called MAX Muay Thai for 1 million Baht which was about $40,000 Australian dollars at the time.

The fight started with each fighter feeling each other out in round 1 and both trying to find there range landing push kicks and a few punches and knee’s. We had a strategy to clinch from round 2 onwards with Kurt at the start of the round walking forward shutting down the range with punches and long knee’s. Roy landed strong kicks but Kurt landed counters all the time with a right hand step up left knee then locking Roy in the clinch landing a barrage of 3 to 4 knees then turning him of balance then kneeing again. Round 2 Kurt countered often with elbows as Roy came forward landing and cutting Roy. Round 3 & 4 was pretty much the same with Kurt dominating in the clinch landing solid knee’s. Round 5 Kurt pushed kicked Roy away controlling the round and landing the odd jab, teep and using his footwork to evade Roy’s attacks. Kurt won with the judges scoring a unanimous points decision.

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